Saturday, May 25, 2013


May 21st was our DTE Day. DTE stands for Dossier to Ethiopia! We were thrilled to get word that after 6 months of paper-work and waiting on the is finally on it's way to Ethiopia.  Once it lands there, West Sands, our adoption agency, in Ethiopia, will hold on to it until we get our referral.  So, from this point on, we can relax knowing that the paper-work is completed.  The first of June we will be getting "our number" on the waiting list and every month we will get an updated number, until we get the call for our daughter, Mila.
To celebrate, we went over to the Lewis' and enjoyed our first experience of Ethiopian food! Which I might add was delicious! If you like spicy foods, you would love Ethiopian food.  I believe I helped myself to two plates.  Kathryn also gave me some Ethiopian spices, so now it's our turn to try make a dish, or should I say Shaun's turn. ;)   Not only did we get good food from our visit, but we had good time making posters for our fundraiser and just enjoyed our time with each of them.  It's a blessing having them in our lives.

We are still planning on our trip to Aster's, in Austin, with the family, to celebrate our DTE Day!  We are hoping that July we can get everyone together. 

We've been very busy lately, and sweet blessings have came our way that I'd like to share...

I turned 30, on May 14th. I went home for the weekend, to celebrate with my mom, dad, Shaun and some dear friends of ours.
That in of itself was a blessing to be surrounded by them. Over that weekend, my friends had the most sweetest gifts to share with us...
My college friend, Amanda Foster, has vowed to save all her change for Mila, she also challenged her co-workers to do the same. Already they raised $400.00! I love Amanda's heart for wanting to help, and wanting to get others involved. Nothing goes unnoticed. Thank you.

Desiree and Robert, gave me a bracelet and on it is engraved, "A Journey of Faith", and inside the bracelet is engraved, "Ethiopian Love."  I wear it daily.
Last, is my necklace. My necklace of Africa, with Mila's name engraved in a heart. Another piece that rarely leaves me.

I don't write these things to boast about what I got, but really to just to show my deep appreciation and thankfulness is for those I love. And, to show how God is always providing what we need.  I'm sincerely thankful for the relationships and friendships that Shaun and I have in our lives.
Below are just some silly pictures from our weekend home. All we did was "patio time", which consist of good music, conversation, and some dancing! :)  And, to tell you the truth, I couldn't of asked for more.

Love this picture, captured a moment! 

 My mom cooked us filets, and homemade mac and cheese! 

Dear friends, Amanda and Des. I can't wait till they meet Mila. 

Getting some help on candles, with Eva and Mason.

Greatest mom and dad. 

My mom and dad are in Seattle right now, celebrating 26 years of marriage.  I love that for lunch they  enjoyed there first experience of African food.  The bread you see in that picture is called Injera. Most Ethiopian dishes are served with this bread. It really helps to balance the spices. SOOOO good.

Hopefully with summer coming up, I'll have more time to write. Thanks for those of you who are following our journey to Ethiopia and to growing our family.

Much love,