Why Ethiopia?

I've had a few people ask, "why Ethiopia?" I think it's a great question and I love when people want to know about our story and what lead us to this country, not that I have some grand story or long connection with Africa, but I do have reasons that I feel are worth being shared.
Before I start, I want to say that each person who adopts has there own reasons that lead them to that decision, whether it be domestic or international--each story that lead them to their decision is just as beautiful as the next.

We initially wanted to adopt from Haiti, stemming largely from our experience in Haiti and from years of hearing stories from my mom and dad. As I've said before, Shaun and I knew, early on in our marriage that we wanted to adopt and after looking into Haiti, we soon realized that we didn't meet all their requirements(each country has there own criteria that couples/individuals must meet to adopt) and not to mention the process was twice as long than other countries.  So, we started to look into other 3rd world countries, for Shaun and I this was important.  After seeing the devastation in Haiti, it was impossible for us to turn our backs on the deep need to help those who literally have no one.  We started looking into Africa, and then agencies, and quickly realized the enormous number of children in orphanages, in Ehtiopia.  And due to this overwhelming large number of orphans, we could bring home an infant, which is something that is very important to Shaun and I, and there it was........Ethiopia was our place........is our place.

I created a short video to explain a bit more about our decision. Enjoy! :)

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